Homeopathy Linchen Planus Treatment by Life Force

Despite Lichen planus appearing on the skin, nails, mouth, genitals or scalp, the root has been found in the immune system. It is governed by few genetic factors. It means the treatment for Lichen planus has to be aimed to improve or correct the immune system of the patient. In case, this has to be done, the disease would be cured or treated for a long time. In case, the treatment has been done outwardly by applying cortisone or such immunosuppressive medicine, the disease would get elevated superficially only to surface again, as soon as the effect of the medicine would be over.

Homeopathy would offer research proven and highly effective Lichen Planus treatment that has been scientifically documented. Contrary to the conventional treatment, which has been governed by the use of cortisone, homeopathic treatment has proved to be amazingly curative, long-lasting and safe. At Life Force, we have researched on Planus for more than two decades.

Lichen Planus Treatment

Homeopathy Treatment at Life Force

Homeopathic treatment for Lichen Planus at Life Force has been based on the individual case study of the disease of the patient, its spread, its cause, the affected area, mindset, genetic tendency etc. The treatment has been a planned one, thus designed to address in correcting the immune system, which would in turn treat Lichen Planus from inside.

Dr Rajesh Shah, M.D. has researched on Lichen Planus for more than 27 years. His research based molecules have been pending for international patent in US and Europe. His unique treatment protocol has been made available to various patients of Lichen Planus world over. To this date, there would be patients from over 177 countries under Dr Shah’s care. Lichen Planus cure has been possible at Life Force.

Duration of Treatment

The total length of treatment would vary from case to case. It would depend on the following factors:

  • Duration of Lichen Planus
  • Areas affected (Skin, mouth, nails, genitals, scalp)
  • Extent of spread (Only mouth or only skin or skin with mouth, combination of parts, etc.)
  • Previous medication (wide use of oral cortisone might delay the course of treatment)

Duration of Lichen Planus

Why we recommend homeopathy for Lichen Planus?

The major benefits of homeopathy could be summed up below:

  • It offers superb treatment having a success rate of over 85%.
  • It offers immuno-correction, thus provides deep-level healing.
  • It offers durable cure instead of temporary.
  • It is absolutely harmless, safe and non-toxic.

Lichen Planus

Spend Some Rejuvenating Time at an International Spa

With a busy schedule and endless things to accomplish on a daily basis, most of us don’t have the time or required patience in indulge in the things that we love. While there are never-ending things that one may like, it is never a bad idea to spend time in indulging in a good massage or a complete thermal experience. No wonder, wellness and spa centers are getting popular by the day, as most people want to spend some time getting relaxed without anything else to disturb the mind. Spa sessions are indulging in the most elaborative way, both for the mind and body, and honestly, clients don’t think twice before booking such services and paying for them as the charges may be.

So, what are the things that matter in choosing the right wellness center? What are the common services that are offered? Should you consider getting a group booking? In this post, we cover all of these things and much more.

Spa Session

Amazing massages

Most spas and wellness offer massage services, which remain one of their main highlights. However, the location and settings of the center does have an impact on the final services. Some of the best known choices in spa à Montreal are located in great exotic areas, where the ambience is too perfect for a hot bath or even a relaxing massage. Some services even offer Turkish baths, so make sure that you check what is offered and whether you can choose other things with a good massage session.

Various Benefits of Spa Massage

Look for thermal experience

If you have never experienced a thermal session, you should consider the same. A thermal session is basically an alternating session of hot and cold therapy, which not only relaxes the muscles, but at the same time, it is a great thing for soothing the mind and better the immunity.  In the first step of the session, you will enjoy in a hot whirlpool tub for relaxing the muscles, following which you will head for a sauna session. In the third step, you will take a tip ice-cold water and have a complete resting session soon after. The entire process brings the best of hold and cold sessions and is good for all adults, especially over the age of 16. If you are pregnant, do talk to your doctor on the same.

Day Spa Services

Booking the service

Most spa centers have advanced booking and these services are mostly busy on the weekend. You can book the service in advance, which is a great idea, given that popular services get plenty of advance booking. While comparing services, check the one that offers the most number of options, so you can come back for more. In the last few years, the standards of wellness centers have developed and enhanced, and as long as you want to enjoy a session, you will find many choices. The prices should not be a concern, as most services offered involve personal attention and guests and clients don’t mind paying for the same.

Booking the Spa service


It’s true that positive feelings create experience with Well-being. Pessimistic feelings, however, could induce an excellent mental and physiological harm.

A result of negative feelings that has developed in the news for some time now’s overeating. It’s not uncommon to determine people eating than they ordinarily would always they’re under lots of emotional suffering. This distress might have been triggered by trauma, anxiousness, disappointment, anger, loneliness, human relationship problems, or depression. The truth is, an eating disorders is considered the most visible signs and symptoms of emotional disorders like depression.

Overeating happens whenever your feelings influence your eating routine rather than your stomach. When you enjoy overeating, chances are it will supplment your worries as well as your weight.

Overeating basically implies that a person finishes up eating without going through hunger. People enjoy such behavior to try to comfort themselves, and switch to food as it is readily accessible. Trying to attain freedom from such impulse it is just like trying to liberate from the drug abuse – you need to draw lots of effort to abandon the drug abuse.

One of the primary steps that you need to take to conquer overeating is to separate eating while hungry and eating for comfort. Learn how to distinguish your hunger and recognize regardless if you are eating in line with the need for your mind or perhaps your stomach. Eat only when you have hunger.

Don’t use eating to stamp lower monotony and do not make snack and sweets a routine, either. Remember, you’re likely to ‘eat to live’ and never ‘live to eat’. If monotony is one thing you’re fighting, employ different way of opposing the problem. Venture out walking, go to a friend, or plainly get the various tools and begin an outdoor.

When next go through the urge to consume between foods, get an apple or perhaps a carrot. If you do not option to favorable comfort meals for some time, you’ll make a breakthrough in diminishing your urge for such meals as time passes.

Visiting the gym could make you much more aware of the body and workout boosts emotional health. Even if you seem like eating later on you need to ensure that you choose healthy meals.

Insomnia could mind to lessened amounts of leptin, the endocrine hormone credited for regulating appetite by signaling fullness. Make sure that you receive decent relaxation every day.

If none of those work and you’re ineffective to maintain your time and efforts, there might be a necessity to higher your emotional health. Go to a counselor or psychiatrist to find to unearth the main reason of the binge eating, and research for leading natural treatments that are offered using the status to supply help.